Sunday, February 22, 2009


As a club promoter, I like to be in the club and just observe the vibe and the atmosphere of the club. I know people come to the the club with a few different intentions. One, just to have fun; two, going out because its a special occasion (i.e. birthday); or three, to come home with someone. I think the club brings the primal instincts out of a man and a woman. Some men could be very aggressive with women. Pulling their arms so they could get close to them, and fuck around and say the wrong thing because he has taken on too many courage drinks (alcohol). Which, causes a man to look like the guy in the pic above. Sadly, I've seen nice and very genuine guys who gets the same treatment. Maybe its because the lady has been approached by some many disrespectful men she can't even tell who from whom. Just last night when the club let out most men and women....were looking for that one person who they could take home with, but sometimes it gets a carried away. There was this attractive woman that I saw (and 5 other niccas) walking across the street...knowing how I am....I am too shy to approach a woman, but that is gonna have to go to another blog entry, but anyhow, I see a guy approached her, she rejected him, and then he dissed her, she dissed him again, then he got mad and hit her. I mean damn I guess niccas wanna to their best Chris Brown impression...i'm jokin, but I'm just saying fellas, even how hard it may hurt you ego, just take the rejection with style. Shit, if theres one that won't theres five that will.

24 is knocking on my door

Yep, as of March 3rd, 2009 I will be 24 years old (getting old). To keep it 100 I'm just gonna chill on my bday, but I know my fam (A07) is gonna try to make me do somethin

Black History Movie: The Express

I remembered hearing about this movie last year. I must have slept on it because its an excellent piece of cinema. Honestly, I highly recommend everyone to watch this movie. It doesn't matter if you are black, white, Jewish, Hispanic, or whatever ethnicity you feel comfortable considering yourself to be.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Being My Own Worst Enemy

Throughout the years I have been struggling with my self-esteem. From the outside people would probably say for the most part that I look like an asshole or a person who full of himself. The funny thing is that I am the total opposite of that. For the people who know me well knows that I don't have that much confidence, yet I surprise myself with some of the things I accomplished. I mean, there are certain things in life that I know I'm confident about such as, networking, marketing, acting, getting a job, and stuff like that. My biggest battle is women....yea I said it women. There is something wrong with me when it comes to women. Its a crazy combination of being oblivious, nervous, insecure, pensive, and down right no guts. I would reject myself, before I could even think about engaging in a conversation. I would say things like "Nah she wasn't looking a me", "Man you gotta be in the NFL to talk to her", "You gotta be rich", "I bet she date model looking dudes", and the list goes I know none of us on the face of this planet is perfect, but I put myself so down, that I can't pick myself back up. My closest friends and family hates it when I down play myself, but I can't help it now...If you are a guy reading this you are not alone...and if you are a woman reading this I hope this showed you that men have feelings too.

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