Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Can't Sleep

For some reason i can't fall alseep...maybe because its the fact that i have to wake and do stuff i don't feel like doin to get by. Theres a difference between someone living and surviving...people who are living are calling their own shots in life...making major moves...people who are just surviving are not getting the full enjoyment out of life...so with that being said fuck surviving i wanna LIVE

Sunday, September 28, 2008

LRG: 2 Minutes to Midnight Jacket

Not even King Midas could make a jacket that outshines this joint, brought to you by none other than LRG. The 2 Minutes To Midnight Jacket shell is made from 100% genuine leather, and features silk lining, a gold studded main body, a metal LRG logo label on the chest, welt side pockets, an LRG logo label on the hem, and ribbed cuffs, collar & hem.

....and oh yea....it cost $2,000 (thats not a typo)
Source: Karmaloop

Friday, September 26, 2008

Debate 08

Well its that wonderful time in every four years...hearing politicians argue who should run the U.S. or try to rule the world...so far Obama and McCain are doing a better job than Bush and Kerry....you can clearly see these two men have similar goals (besides being president), but if you are watching it right now...you can see the contrast between the two presidential hopefuls.

An oldie but goodie

Thankz Mizz Minnie for makin me look all cool and ish, but if you are ever in the San Diego area and you wanna take some dope pics....hit up Mizz Minnie or Simply J of Dynasty Images...shes on my following list...so hit her up

Thursday, September 25, 2008


For any hip-hop fan, next year’s movie featuring the deceased Christopher Wallace aka The Notorious B.I.G. represents a must-see film as it documents the life and times of one of the hip-hop world’s greatest entertainers. Before an untimely death, Biggie managed to vault himself to stardom and firmly cement himself in the history of the hip-hop world. The teaser for Notorious has been released with an anticipated release date set for January 16th, 2009. Rapper Gravy is cast the lead as Biggie Smalls with Derek Luke and Anthony Mackie as Sean Combs and Tupac Shakur respectively. Check out the trailer after the jump.


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Hook or by Crook

Best believe me and the A07 fam will be here come Oct. 9th...lets RISE

Monday, September 22, 2008

This Friday

The big homie...Big Los of Impact Productions is back at it again, but this time its his bday...come on down...i will put you on that good ol guestlist

If I could Interview: Malcolm X

"A man who stands for nothing will fall for anything."

If I could interview Malcolm X these would be the questions I ask him:

  • What do you think of Barack Obama, and could he be the first black president?
  • Did you feel that you got your point across to people you was trying to reach out to?
  • How do you feel about the black community then and now?
  • How often you and Martin (Luther King Jr.) play pool?
  • What was your biggest accomplishment that you felt that contributed to the civil rights movement?
  • Did Alex Haley accuratly describe your life in your autobiography?
  • Yet, did Spike Lee made your story come back to life in the film "X"?
  • Who played as you better Denzel (Washington) or Mario (Van Peebles)?

Download Ta'East - The Epidemic

Go Download Ta’East’s “The Epidemic” @ Datpiff.com16 Tracks with features such as: Cairo, Young Lyxx, Smigg Dirtee, I Rocc, Harmoney and Mike BerrySome Production from: Cairo, Chicago and Josh FranksGo Download it 3 times if you want. Tell your friends about it. Pass The Word. Support Ta’East
Don't Sleep on him he can really spit

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sometimes I feel like this

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Commonwealth x Stussy Olympics

In remembrance of that historic medal ceremony at the ‘68 Olympics in Mexico City, Stussy and Commonwealth hook up on yet another tee project. Capturing American athletes Tommie Smith and John Carlos throwing up that famous salute, the image caused a stir amongst the public at the time due to all the ongoing civil rights issues. Coming in two colors, they will be available Monday the 22nd at Commonweath locations including their web store.

Source: Hypebeast

Artist Spotlight: Nujabes

Nujabes also known as Jun Seba is a Japanese Hip-Hop producer and DJ. He got the name Nujabes from his first name (Jun) and last name (Seba) spelled backwards spelled backwards and combined...pretty dope if you ask me. He is 1/2 of the producing duo called "Urbanforest", an experimental collaboration with Nao Tokui. If you watch a lot of anime you have probably heard his music and not even know that it was him composing memorable scores in such anime films like, Samurai Champloo. He has released two albums Metaphorical Music in 2003 and Modal Soul in 2005. He has worked with huge artist in japan such as, Uyama Hiroto, Shing02, and Minmi. He also worked with American artist such as, CYNE, Apani B, Five Deez, Substantial, CL Smooth, and with British rapper Funky DL.
Outside of making great music, he is the owner of "T Records" and "Guinness Records" both located in Shibuya, Tokyo.
His music is known for a strong cool jazz and soul music influence, (jazz x hip hop) frequently using samples from artists like Miles Davis, Pat Metheny, and Yusef Lateef to create warm, mellow tracks. Nujabes rarely plays live and does not make many media appearances, which adds to his enigmatic charisma. His album covers are also very distinct, in particular abstract imagery.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

50 disses Jay-Z?

"I’m the largest Hip-Hop touring artist. Em is the biggest rap artist on the planet and I’m the largest touring artist. Jay-Z doesn't have a lot of records that have really big international followings. For him to get out there and be the headliner, it was just good positioning on his team’s part. "


this has to be the illest pair of new b's i ever seen

Mellow Yellow

pretty dope

T.I. feat. Justin Timberlake - Dead and Gone

Dead & Gone (Feat. Justin Timberlake) -F-N-H- BABY!!! - T.I.

She thinks shes cool like her brother...lol

love you sis....sorry that i'm a busy person but i wanna take the time to show you that i think about ya sis

Reebok Pump Pay Dirt

Dipping into the cross-trainer vault, Reebok looks to the Pump Pay Dirt to rekindle the spirits of those who grew up watching the likes of Roger Clemens, Frank Thomas and Emmit Smith. The rugged sole is met with a busy upper with various panels undergoing a mixture of red, white and black. The forefoot strap all but confirms the shoes cross-trainer nature. A release date is currently unknown.

Sourse: Sneaker Freaker

This song hits me hard

Uhh, yeah, love
You know we always, we always talkin 'bout love
We always thinkin 'bout it y'know
I'm in love, I want love, I need love, whatever
But like sometimes I wonder
With all the hurt and pain that people that supposedly love you put you through
Is that really love?

We would go to each other's houses, sleep on the flo'
Crash on each other's couches, work like kings and
eat like paupers, now my heart palpitates
just thinkin 'bout all the stress that came up out this
Started out hard, goin for the long haul
Put all of the bullshit and hoes on pause
Shit got major we, stacked a little paper now
Couple years later can't get a phone call
Hold up~! Big fish in a little pond
Swimmin 'round town, thinkin like we already stars
And they say that money change you, but money don't change you
It just make you more of what you already are
Hope our kids do better than we
Hope he and she learn to stick together when the times get ugly
I've been misconstrued, lied to and abused
But my fam still swear that they love me man

If this is love, I don't wanna see hate
If this is real, I don't wanna see fake - I'm sayin
Cause I don't know how much more I can take
I know that, all of y'all can relate - I'm sayin
Uhh, if this is love, I don't wanna see hate
If this is real, I don't wanna see fake
You know that ain't love love, that ain't love love
That ain't love love, that ain't love love

[Rapper Big Pooh]
You were the, right hand, my man 50 Grand
Us gettin dollars was all part of the plan
A few years back we cut ties, you understand
It was all business, nuttin person-al
And you vowed to come back a different person now
we are back on track, and time heals wounds
Nothin showed me you came back too soon
Yeah, once again you and I to the tune
We brought you on tour, put money in your first
You fucked up plenty and got slapped on the wrist
That's it! And everytime the brothers grand mack
The topic would arise about you bein capped
The Lord says forgive I will never forget
Shoulda picked up the phone when the times got ugly
I've been misconstrued, lied to and abused
But my fam still swear that they love me man
Aww sheeit~!


I'ma rap for my niggaz, I figure that's what they all say
It's foul play when cuttin throats is your forte
Do it how you wanna be done, that's what the Lord say
Daps and hugs, but turn your back and get the swordplay
I'm sure you say I got it all wrong, it ain't like that
I sent you all them letters, guess it's better you ain't write back
Despite the fact you told me plenty tears you had to fight back
All lies, surprise, I ain't diss you with no spite track
I know you'd probably like that, but never will I hit your level
You gon' dig your own grave, focus when you grip the shovel
I should be pissed as ever, but I'm the bigger brother
So I'ma keep it movin while you get your shit together
Our bonds was severed, but all you had to say was fuck me
I smelled your bullshit, consider me lucky
I've been misconstrued, lied to and abused
But my fam still swear that they love me - ain't that a bitch!


{*sung ad libs to fade*}

Monday, September 15, 2008

Get fresh this fall!!!

Get on it!!!!

Out & About

@ Natasha's 21st bday w/ Socal...she thinks shes stylin with MY shades...lol

hanging out with Amy & Vanessa @ club Sin

Obama x Upper Playground x Digital Gravel Tee Collection

Show your support for president hopefull Barack Obama by purchasing these dope tees made by the good people of Upper Playground that are exclusively available at Digital Gravel...there are less than 300 tees printed so hurry up and cop em

Sunday, September 14, 2008

I wanna meet: Verbz

shes on point and shes holdin it down for female hipsters

A good weekend in football (for me)

Not too mong ago the Oakland Raiders defeated divisional rival the Kansas City Chiefs 23-8

The No.1 USC Trojans just dominated the No.5 Ohio State Buckeyes yesterday 35-3

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Murs Performance @ Aubergine tonight!!!

Murs will be at Aubergine performing so go there if you're goin to the ivy

Envy On!

I'm goin to club Envy at the Ivy Hotel tonight with my A07 fam...Its been a while since i've been there...you can also find us in Eden (Ivy Rooftop)...see yall there...pics will be posted!!!

zeitgeist: the movie

watch it!!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

I keep thinkin about this song

Project Roach by Nas
[Eban Thomas]
It is absolutely silly, and unproductive
to have a funeral for the word "nigger"
When the actions continue..
We need to have a movement to resurrect brothers, and sisters
Not a funeral for niggers
'cause niggers - DON'T DIE {*echoes*}

Uh, yeah..
Yo, I'm creepy and crawlin, in your sink and your toilet
I be drinkin from your spit, anything 'cause I'm all less
An insect with four legs; people come in, I fake dead
Correction: I got eight legs, climbin on top yo' plate, bed
Wherever I smell food, it could be even jail food
Stale food that's molded, a roach is what I am, fool
The ghetto is my land, fool, I'ma never be able to
fly like a bumblebee, try not, to be underneath
your sneaker, pitiful creature, I'm not afraid of
your pesticide or RAID 'cause, in heaven's my Creator
I love it when the light's off, eatin from same knives, forks
from, ANY man's dinner, see my antennas
You can't win, you can't stand the crunchy sound I make
if you squash me, learn to live with me
How much your Ross Motel costin? Yo, we in the city
But yo, we everywhere! Check your house good, I bet we there!

[Eban Thomas]
Niggers are like roaches - they're never gonna go away
Learn from them what we should not become
'cause niggers - DON'T DIE {*echoes*}

I got em!!!!

Lets put a smile on that face...cap

I ain't pushing an agenda homie, just facts

It was a hot topic of 04' when Kanye West talked about conflict diamonds in his rhymes...but it seems like people forgot all about it after that. Maybe thats why i choose not to wear jewlery because i don't know what kind of genocide that i may be promoting in the war torn countries in Africa...so before you think about blinging and all....just think about the innocent children who lost their lives and limbs.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

I will never forget 9/11

My condolence goes out for the families who lost their loved ones in biggest crime that has ever been committed on U.S. soil. For years the government has been giving the American people the run around about the TRUTH about 9/11...all I'm saying don't trust the mainstream media...do your own research about 9/11 and decide if I man who in a cave orchestrated the biggest act of terrorism or the if this is the governments plan to carry out new world order

I need an answer

think about it

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Speaking of MMA

I met Maurcio 'Shogun' Rua he is a pretty cool guy...i asked him how his leg was, because he torn his ACL in his UFC debut fight against the eventual 205 champion Forrest Griffin...well he told me that his leg is %100 and he is ready to fight anyone in december...i'm looking forward to it

Also Shogun has notable wins over Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson, Antonio Rogerio Nogueria, and Ricardo Arona

The Most Devistating KO of 08

UFC 88 main event bout was between two fighters in the ultra competitive 205lbs weight class. It was the 'The Iceman' Chuck Liddell going against Rashad 'Sugar' Evans. Both fighters came into this fight looking to move up the 205 ranks to get a title shot against the newly crowned champion Forrest Griffin.

A man who speaks from his soul

<a href="http://www.mtv.com/ontv/vma/2008/" target="_blank">VMA08 Kanye West Live! At The 2008 VMA's</a>

Kanye West performs "Love Lockdown" a single from his untitled upcoming album thats coming out in december. Anywho, Mr. West gave a compelling performance...see MTV...see what happens when you give a black man a chance...lol

Monday, September 8, 2008

A poem that i wrote a couple of years back

A young man with a handsome face,feels out of place,not because of his age, class, or raceit is when he looks in the mirror,he starts to feel inferior,many people tells thats he is a handsome guy,but he thinks otherwise, no reason why,in his own mind he can not stand his own reflection,because all he sees is an imperfection...
Marcus Louis Vaughn
Copyright ©2005 Marcus Louis Vaughn

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