Tuesday, December 30, 2008

It's So Cold in the D

...because detriot rapper trick trick's brother is look rather icey with who know who's chain..lol

EIGHTY81 Interviews Kid Cudi

Hustler Watch: Kid Cudi from Eighty81 on Vimeo.

I have mad respect for the Kid named Cudi....I could relate to him and on a personal level and professional as well...especailly when he decided to move to New York to live out his dream...(beacause there is an acting school that i wanna go to when i move out to nyc).

Sunday, December 28, 2008

When wrestling fans attack

funny shit...lol

Sunday, December 21, 2008

I wish I can dance like this....

these kids were giggin homie..lol

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Sale at VERSUS

Hit em up...if you wanna get some fly -ish- for the holidays...much luv to the VERSUS crew out there in The Mec (Temeclua,CA)

A random video of yours truly

(L-R) Kat and Christine @ the Dwele Concert

Ok...my two friends Christine and Kat decided to come visit me in my apartment after the Dwele concert...I'm talking to Christine and Kat is the lady who is holding the cam...I thought she was taking photos, but it seems like me and Christine fell for the Okie doke..lol...excuse the mess I'm still getting settled in my new place..Its like what T.I. said "My life, Your Entertainment"...lol

Click here to see the video: the random video

Kid Cudi x Asher Roth freestyle

With artist like these guys...i'm glad to know MY GENERATION of hip-hop is gonna hold it down

N.E.R.D. - Sooner or Later (video)

this is one of my favorite tracks in their underrated album Seeing Sounds

Monday, December 15, 2008

On a personal note

I got into a car accident that wasn't my fault, because the other insurance claimed liability...at first i felt minor aches and pain of the day of the collision (12/13/08), but now I'm feeling the pain coming back even harder today...but i still have to go on with my life and continue to work. All i have to say if you are driving in the rain....BE CAREFUL....especially in San Diego...seems like people here forget how to drive in the rain because they are so use to driving in great weather conditions

Curt@!n$ - Night of the Living Dope (video)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

My Peeps: Omar 10.0

My Homie Omar 10.0...is a up and coming recording artist coming from San Diego...he wants puts daygo on the map with his own creative vision and sound..keep an eye out for him in the '09 as well as his A.F.C. (always.fresh.crew) peeps.

Hit him up: www.myspace.com/omar10points

Can't Believe It: He missed TWICE

but i can't knock him for aiming high...lol...i wish he hit him tho

DAMN!!! part 2

dolicia bryan

Kanye West - Heartless / Pinocchio Story (Live On SNL)

Charles Hamilton - Word? Aight (Souljah Boy Diss)

charles hamilton killed souljah boy...lol..wow

A random pic of yours truly part 2

My Peeps: Jazz

tell me what yall think of her singing

Friday, December 12, 2008

Apple MacBook - TriBook (concept)

As someone who uses multiple screens when I’m working (or playing games) the idea of having a laptop with some extra screen space as portable as the unit itself is really exciting. Sure, that extra space would come in the form of folding, side-mounted monitors that have a break before the main screen — annoying for some — but some extra, segmented workspace on a portable platform is music to my ears.
And portable the triBook is: the conceptual rendering, picked up by MacLife, calls for a notebook that’s 10 inches wide and a little over six inches long. Click on through for more information than you’d ever want to know about the triBook concept.
From MacLife:
The MacBook Air is about as sexy as a notebook gets. Just try pulling one out in a crowd. First comes the oohing, and then the ahhing, and then—sorry, but yes—the borderline-inappropriate fondling. There’s just something about the Air’s katana-thin profile that demands hands-on attention. People need to touch it, and open it, and prove to themselves that it is indeed a functional computer. But the honeymoon doesn’t last forever. The Air is the perfect computer for a very particular user, but it’s not perfect in toto. No optical drive. No FireWire. The hard drive—anemic. And while the Air’s height is essentially nonexistent, its width-depth footprint is still a bulkmeister. In a lot of book bags and backpacks, the Air is as awkward a fit as any traditional notebook.
Thus the triBook. At first glance, it’s not quite as spectacular looking as the Air, but its amazing story literally unfolds as you put it to use.
At a mere 6.75 inches deep, 10 inches wide, and about an inch tall, the triBook strikes a modest profile–it easily slips into most purses and man bags and completely disappears inside any book bag or backpack. But while portability is nice, it’s typically achieved at the expense of utility, and this is where the triBook is a triumph. When the triBook’s lid is closed, the two side screens tuck in neatly, sandwiched between the main display and the keyboard/touchpad. And when it’s time to use the machine, you lift the lid and unfold the side panels, just as if you were unfolding a cardboard box.
When the two side screens are fully unfolded to form a flat plane with the center screen, you’re left with an ultrawide landscape display of 21 diagonal inches. Indeed, not only is the triBook more portable than the Air, it also offers much more screen real estate. But have fun, play a little. The sides don’t have to pivot by a perfect 180. Cocked at a jaunty angle, each side screen can be set to form a little privacy barrier.
Now, we could claim that the triBook is Apple’s much-anticipated entry into the “netbook” market, but using the term netbook doesn’t do the machine justice. Netbooks are teeny, tiny notebooks stuffed with underpowered parts, including the most insubstantial of screens. In other words, they’re imminently portable, but really only good for surfing webpages and typing out email.
Not so with the triBook. Besides no-compromise screen real estate, the triBook comes with an 8x SuperDrive, a kick-ass hard drive, an array of I/O connectors, and a MacBook Pro-caliber CPU. All that plus a generous keyboard and an expanded multitouch trackpad that supports a whole new complement of touch gestures.
So this is it, the so-called “brick” notebook that’s been rumor-mill fodder for the last three months. An exceedingly simple but effective concept—in short, Apple to the very core.
Via Dvice
Source: gizmoave

Q-tip x Prince

i wish i could've witness something like that

Union LA x The Clipse x Hypebeast: Pepsi Proper Los Angeles 12-13-08

PEPSI PROPER LOS ANGELESSaturday, December 13th 2008Pop Up Retail: 12:00 pm - 7:00 pmAfter-party: 9:00 pm - 12:00 am (FREE performances by The Clipse and Pac Division)233 S. La BreaLos Angeles CA 90036

.....and why am i still living in san diego?...like i said before i love SD, but lust LA

Friday, December 5, 2008

Every Kanye Sample

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I Gotta Have It: The Dark Knight

I'm coppin the DVD and the Blu-Ray.....yea thats how I roll son...lol

Events where I wanna go: UTB and S.T.H.L.A.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Out & About

I was working @ Aubergine being the hospitable promoter that I am...and celebrating Lumberjack Zac's 25th bday....man time flies

Busta Rhymes feat Ron Browz - Arab Money

I'm gonna do the dance when they play this in the club....Gaslamp DJs better play this dammit

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