Thursday, July 23, 2009

My Peeps: Phunkey Brewster

Born and raised in Toronto, this 23 year-old hipster is quickly making a name for herself in the Ottawa Club scene. With her new single 'Money in my hand' gaining recognition amongst 20-somethings, Phunkey Brewster is riding the new wave. "This has always been something I knew I was meant to do" exclaims Phunkey B. (aka. Shanna).

Her catchy phrases (“I'm buying Hotels and you ain’t even pass GO”) and hypnotic beats, are a declaration of a young woman’s independence and control. “Boys are starting to realize that the M.I.A’s and Santigold’s are not only really good, but they’re here to stay.”

With a full album in the works and an upcoming visit to NYC, Phunkey B. is slowly but surely movin’ on up.

Also be on the look out with her collaboration with San Diego's own Omar 10.0

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